Matthew Sebastian Michael Gaffen FMP Log

Monday, 31 May 2010

Editing in Progress

The filming on Saturday went very well I feel, Piotr's editing the footage now. I should hopefully be able to see how it's going at some point today.

Being the 'Creative' or 'Artistic' director of a project is not something I'm used to. It feels distinctly strange not getting my hands dirty (metaphorically speaking) for once.

It's definitely been a learning curve over the course of this project. I've found myself for the first time ever doubting myself a lot more than usual, and thus spending a lot of time researching and not much time making which feels quite wrong. I've definitely learned that it's best to just run with ideas than to worry as much as I have.

I've also learned that when you make a video at this level of standard that there is a LOT involved. I'm used to being able to jump in head first, pursuing a chaotic method of creation. This means I could rely on myself, be in charge at pretty much every step of the way. Relying on and organising such a large group of people never even crossed my mind before. Fortunately Piotr is very experienced in this field and already had contact with the people we needed.

It's a very strange sensation to come up with a central idea and then, with exception of being involved with the fabrication of some of the project and providing feedback or input, completely letting go of the project to other, more experienced hands. Obviously it's necessary, but it takes a hell of a lot of getting used to.

Making the ferrofluid took a lot of hard work and research, but except for that I have to give my thanks largely to the team I was working with - who were all absolutely amazing people. I'll have the full list to upload here soon.

Friday, 28 May 2010

I've just had a bath

Yet I still have the complexion of a dalmation. Damn, I'm going to look like some kind of mad hobo today.

Shoot Day 1

Today was the first day of the shoot, overall I am very pleased with the results.

I met some new people today who are working on the project. Magda is our stylist:

I believe Karishma helped with the jewellery (Sorry, I need to double check what your 'official' role is!)

We shot the fluid in Piotr's house, the photos do no justice at all to how it looks in the footage we captured. In fact from what I've seen us do today we could be in for a very sexy video indeed.

Johanna is our make up artist, and also the hand model for todays' shoot. Moments after meeting her she had her hands covered in sticky black ferrofluid, what a surreal first impression that must have been.

I'm still covered in the stuff - it's difficult to wash off. I look like I've been working on an oil derrick all day.

I've certainly learned a hell of a lot over the course of this project. I may add that bit here tomorrow or put a new post up. I think it may have been slightly inadvisable to make my first 'real' video piece (as in one where I'm collaborating with a team of professionals, and not making stuff mostly solo or on the fly) for my FMP, but it has been very rewarding.

Expect more tomorrow.

Oh yes, our model has been confirmed, I believe her name is Shadie.

Oh yes, before I forget; Photo's are courtesy of Magda and Piotr

Thursday, 27 May 2010

The 11th Hour

It's the day before I shoot.

Saturday we have our model in, etc. etc. I picked up the camera today and lugged it across London. Tired once more, looking at the thing makes me want to sleep.

After I've rested slightly I might do some final tests and post them before the big day tomorrow.

Agitated would be a good way of describing my demeanour.


Monday, 24 May 2010

Ferrofluid Test 7

I couldn't be bothered with the text overlays on this one, as they are all just quick tests

Ferrofluid is easily cleaned up with a dab of white spirit.

Ferrofluid still reacts from quite a distance

The mirror works as a surface but is perhaps not suitable because of the 'infinity screen' effect it produces.